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Background art belongs to Kekai Kotaki (http://www.kekaiart.com/)
All other background art belongs to Arenanet



Stupid Norn sketches between actual work!!

Lyrecast is my catty thief babe.


Here’s another set of playlists! This time, 8tracks eight prayers for each of the Six Gods. Tracklistings below!

Dwayna’s Healing // Lady of the Lake - Audiomachine * Whispering Wind - Ronan Hardiman * Wind Queen - Two Steps from Hell * Call of Magic - Jeremy Soule * Transcendence - Audiomachine * Written in the Stars - KPM Musichouse * I am Hers, She is Mine - Ramin Djawadi * Mage Pride - Inon Zur ft. Olivia Orr (LISTEN)

Growth of Melandru // Heart - Two Steps from Hell * Melandru’s Calm - Jeremy Soule / Julian Soule * Homecoming - Audiomachine * Lelianna’s Song - Inon Zur ft. Aubrey Ashburn * Queen of the Gaels - Adrian von Ziegler * New Beginning - Audiomachine * Earth and Heaven - City of the Fallen * The Voice - Celtic Woman (LISTEN)

Grenth’s Judgement // Grenth’s Footprint - Jeremy Soule * Ingkells - Nexon / devCat studios * Snowpeak - Toru Minegishi, Asuka Ota, and Koji Kondo * Lord of Two Lands - Two Steps from Hell * Indigo-Prologue - Epica * Requiem of the Night - Audiomachine * Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Theme - Jesper Kyd, Lorne Balfe * White Walkers - Ramin Djawadi (LISTEN)

Battles of Balthazar // Sons of War - Two Steps from Hell * Fire and Honor - Audiomachine * The Unsullied - Ramin Djawadi * Moving Mountains - Two Steps from Hell * Devona’s Theme - Jeremy Soule * Clash of Titans - Immediate Music * Red Warrior - Audiomachine * Dragonborn - Jeremy Soule (LISTEN)

Illusions of Lyssa // Althea’s Theme - Jeremy Soule * Love Scene - Inon Zur * Of Tides and Quaggan - Jeremy Soule / Julian Soule * Serenade of Water Remix - Unknown * Lokasenna - Brian Tyler * The Road to Masyaf - Jesper Kyd, Lorne Balfe * Tavern Music - Inon Zur * Venus Vina Musica - Corvus Corvax (LISTEN)

Kormir’s Truth // Kormir’s Theme - Jeremy Soule / Julian Soule * Vane’s Visions - Bear McCreary * Land of Shadows - Audiomachine * Kormir’s Whispers - Jeremy Soule / Julian Soule * Starvation - Two Steps from Hell * 100 Years War - Audiomachine * Myhsa - Ramin Djawadi * Dragon Age: Origins - Inon Zur ft. Aubrey Ashburn (LISTEN)

[Coverart is concept/official art by Kekai Kotaki; edited by myself. The screenshots featured in place of concept art for Kormir is taken from this website.]

[Here is a photoset of the edits without the 8tracks text included.]


Yay! A giveaway!


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This giveaway will end on April 28th at 11:59PM/GMT.

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